Croatia: an itinerary for your holiday

Croatia is a picturesque state with an impressive history. Ancient cities, fortresses, and monasteries against the backdrop of mountains, pine groves, and the Adriatic. It is almost impossible to see the whole country for a vacation, but you will have time to capture a beautiful part of our route.

How to get there?

Connecting flights and direct flights are available. A negative PCR test is required, done a maximum of 48 hours before arrival, as well as a voucher for accommodation. Entry into the country without a test is also available to those who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus (including the drug “Sputnik V”) and did it at least 14 days before entry or have a certificate of already transferred illness.

The local currency – kuna – is estimated at around 0.16 United States dollars. It is better to specify the current course before the trip.

Where to stay?

In the country, you can find hostels for $20. Hotels on average cost $60-$80. The most comfortable and budget accommodation is apartments, guest houses, and Bed and Breakfast hotels. The average price is $25-$50.

Our route runs through several cities, each picked up a convenient option:

Apartments Topolo Dubrovnik 

Apartments Issa 

Apartments Aspalathos

Island Hvar
Guesthouse Dvoshko 


This city is called the “pearl of the Adriatic,” and its Old Town has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has everything: nature, history, gastronomy, and entertainment.

Day 1

If you plan to visit the maximum number of attractions in a short time, we recommend buying a Dubrovnik card (from 225 kunas* per day). The price includes entrance to eight museums and the city wall and unlimited travel by public transport for a day.

First, let’s walk through King’s Landing. Sorry, on the city walls. This is one of the locations of the series “Game of Thrones.” The walk will take about two hours. The entrance fee is 200 kuna*. You can climb the fortress of St. Ivana, explore the shore, and imagine yourself as a member of the ruling family. Inside is the Maritime Museum and a small aquarium. Go to Fort Lovrijenac on a 40-meter cliff to take photos.

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In the Old Town, it is a sin not to get lost among the small streets. Let’s start with the main one, Stradun. Picturesque houses with terracotta roofs, paved squares, and stairs. Look into the quiet oases of churches and monasteries. And stop by the gift shop for Game of Thrones fans.

Day 2

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary contains the works of Croatian and Italian artists. In addition, there is a treasury of the X-XVII centuries. Entrance — 15 kuna*. In the complex of the Franciscan Monastery, you will see a church, a library with a rich collection of books, and the oldest pharmacy (entrance – 30 kuna*).

For the best view of the city, we go to Mount Srđ. You can use the cable car (price – 60 kn*) or walk in an hour. It is better to rise closer to sunset to see the towers and the sea in the rays of the setting sun. Just 15 minutes by ferry from Dubrovnik is the green island of Lokrum. Here you can walk through the botanical gardens, meeting rabbits and amazing birds, swim in the sea or a salt lake with the telling name of the Dead Sea, find the ruins of the monastery and climb to the fort. The cost of the ferry with the entrance is 96 kuna*.


152 kilometers from Dubrovnik, travel time is approximately 2 hours 40 minutes.

Day 3

Golden Riviera with an ideal coast in the middle of shady gardens and mountains.

The city is a continuous line of beaches with a large selection of water activities. If you are looking for a calmer place, walk a couple of kilometers along the path among the pines, and you will find yourself on the wild beach of Nugal, popular among nudists.

In the afternoon, stop by the ice cream parlor in the central square, admiring the mountain scenery and architecture, then explore St. MarkCathedral, passing by the Venetian-style fountain.

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In the late afternoon, stroll to the Sveti PetarLighthouse with stunning sunset views.

Fishers demonstrate the catch or arrange costume festivities on the embankment. Here you can have dinner. If you are calm about seafood, then you should try “pate” – beef stewed in wine sauce with potato dumplings, or meat cooked on coals in a special dish – peka. Do not forget about Croatian wine.

Closer tonight, go to the observatory to admire the stars (the cost is 30 kuna*).

Day 4

The second day in this place is devoted to the Biokovo mountain range. The destination will be the highest peak, with a chapel on the top of Sveti Jure (1762 meters) and a panoramic coast view. Along the way, we recommend making a few stops to admire the landscapes.

Before returning, look at the territory of the Franciscan Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary: it was burned several times, then restored, and even turned into a mosque. Now it is a library with rare books and an art gallery. There is also a shell museum on site. In the evening, take a bike ride around the city, the cost is 5 kuna for 30 minutes*.


60 kilometers from Makarska, travel time is about 1 hour 10 minutes.

Day 5

Frozen in time, the city is like a portal thrown into the middle of the last millennium with its architecture, palaces, and cathedrals.

To feel the atmosphere of the Old Town, it is best to walk around it without a map. Start with the marble central People’s Square. The option to admire the city from above is the bell tower of Split. During the narrowing ascent to the top, be sure to look through the arched windows. On the Fruit Square, where there used to be a bazaar, you can walk through the antique shops and look at the Venetian Towers.

Do not miss the complex of the palace of Diocletian of the IV century, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as the world’s oldest operating cathedral.

For a break from the sights, take a walk in the park on the hill of Marjan, wandering along the forest paths among the medieval churches. And in the evening, walk along the Riva promenade, watching the setting sun against the background of the port.

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Day 6

On the cliff balances, the Fortress of Klis – for its possession for a couple of millennia- shed blood. Its majesty among the rocks will impress not only fans of “Game of Thrones” (here, too, filmed this series). Entrance price — 60 kn*.

It’s good that you are still by car – you can go to the Krka National Park. The reserve is known for its nature, mills, monastery, and, of course, seven majestic waterfalls.

Hvar Island

Day 7

The most ancient and beautiful city, according to many travelers, is located on the island and named after him.

Stroll through the old town, exploring the picturesque streets, medieval palaces, and churches, enjoying the aroma of lavender. Take a look at St. Stephen’s Cathedral (entrance is 10 kunas*). Noteworthy is the castle of Tvrdal the XVI century, with a Mediterranean garden on the territory and a pond where colorful fish live. Entrance — 20 kunas*.

Take your bike and head to Dubrovica Beach, famous for its azure water. Malo Zarate was the most photographed part of the coast, thanks to the surrounding rocks and pine groves. Here you can go snorkeling.

Be sure to spend a couple of hours in the local Venice – this is the name of the fishing town of Vrboska with many boats and stone bridges.

Day 8

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Devote it to the study of neighboring islands:

  • Ravnik, where there is a Green Cave with an emerald glow, and Bishevo with a Blue Grotto and rocks under the prism of neon light. Boat with excursion costs from 480 kn*;
  • Yacht trip or kayaking on the Paklin Islands. The cost of pleasure is from 350 kuna*.

After the tour, visit the Spanish fortress with a collection of ancient amphorae and then admire the panorama of the island and the nearest archipelago from the hill. The entrance fee is 30 kuna*. Near the port lies the Franciscan Monastery, where you can see ancient coins, books, and an art gallery.

Spend the evening tasting wine and cheese at Wine Bar Prsuta 3. Price per glass – from 30 kunas*. *Prices are valid at the time of publication