Andalusia is a beautiful region with an ancient history, absorbing all the best in Spain. White villages, red land, and mountains washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In the thousand-year-old cities built by the Moors, fairs and carnivals with bullfighting and flamenco, which originated in Andalusia, are constantly held. In the mountains, deep gorges and very unusual villages hide from prying eyes.

Add to this the excellent cuisine and centuries-old traditions of winemaking. So there’s nothing to think about! Rent a car and embark on an exciting journey by car on the roads of southern Spain. We have made a selection of the most interesting places where you can go for a day from Malaga and two detailed exclusive routes.

1. Gibraltar

The distance is 140 km, about 2 hours one way on the AP-7 toll road (7.35 euros), on free roads + 1 hour on the way.

It is an overseas territory of Great Britain. Here pounds are in use, the police wear the same uniform as their London counterparts, and double-decker red buses travel around the city in the color of telephone booths. And all this in the very south of Spain! There is no direct transport link between Spain and Gibraltar: you can pass the border either on foot or by car. The most interesting thing is that when crossing the border of Gibraltar and Spain, you also cross the runway of the local airport, which otherwise fit on a peninsula almost entirely consisting of rock, which did not work.

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You will need to present a passport (you definitely need a Schengen multi visa or a UK visa) and say how many days you have come to Gibraltar. If more than one, they may be asked to show the hotel reservation or name the hotel. You will be stamped with the number of days of stay, which will be checked when leaving the peninsula.

2. Seville

Distance 170 km, about 2 hours one way. Roads are free.

Seville is an ancient city with beautiful architecture. The Moorish style is present everywhere: from the shape of windows and doors to the Giralda – a minaret of the 12th century turned into a bell tower and became a city symbol. The Gothic Cathedral, the largest in Europe, is adjacent to the miracle of architecture – the Alcazar of Seville. This luxurious palace was built and rebuilt for 700 years. UNESCO protects it, and, perhaps, you have already seen it – in the Series of Game of Thrones, all the palace scenes of Dorne were filmed in the Alcazar.

But Seville is famous not only for the monuments of the past – the nightlife is in full swing here all year round. In the Santa Cruz area, you will find dozens of tapas bars and bodegas with the best Spanish wines. The boiling Triana, where flamenco originated, is danced in bars, squares, and theaters. Bullfights at the arena in Seville take place in October, April, and during local holidays.

3. Granada

The distance is 126 km, about 1.5 hours one way. Roads are free.

Lying at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada fascinates with the pomp of baroque churches, masterpieces of Mudejar architecture, and the aroma of thousands of orange trees that grow on the streets of the city. Above Granada rises the Alhambra, a medieval Moorish fortress that becomes crimson in the setting sun’s rays. From its walls, there is a beautiful view of the city and the mountains. Generalife, the summer palace of the sultans with many swimming pools, fountains, and a magnificent garden, is located at the foot of the fortress.

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In the city’s center stands a huge cathedral, which began to be built in 1505 as a monument of liberation from the Moors and was completed 200 years. A few steps away is the Royal Chapel, a Gothic masterpiece of architecture where 8 kings of Spain are buried.

4. Cordoba

The distance is 158 km, about 2 hours one way. Roads are free.

Founded by the ancient Romans and one of Europe’s intellectual centers in the 10th century, Córdoba remembers how Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived in peace and harmony in the same city a thousand years ago. The first in the list of unique monuments of Cordoba is the Cathedral Mosque of Mesquita. It is one of the twelve architectural wonders of Spain. First, an ancient Roman pagan temple on this site was rebuilt into a Christian church. In the 8th century, it was demolished by the caliph and built a huge mosque, which after the capture of the city by the Spaniards in 1236, was consecrated and became the Cathedral.

Among the monuments of medieval architecture are the synagogue in the Jewish quarter and the Roman Bridge, which is more than two thousand years old. The synagogue is interesting because it is one of the three synagogues preserved in its original form – with exquisite carvings, openwork arches, and unique ornaments.

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Photo: Mesquita Cathedral Mosque

And the hallmark of the city is the Alcazar, the Fortress of Christian Kings, rebuilt from the fortress of the Moors. It is known that from it, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella led troops that reconquered Granada from the Moors, which completed the centuries-old rule of the Moors in Spain. Here the queen received Columbus, who ought Isabella to sponsor a sea expedition to India. The palace is also famous for its beautiful gardens, magnificent Mudejar architecture, and antiquities.

5. 11 lighthouses per day

Distance 246 km. Non-stop travel time is 4 hours 30 minutes one way. With full stops- 9 hours.

We have prepared a detailed route for those who love the sea and lighthouses. During the day, you can see 11 lighthouses from Malaga to Almeria, each of which is not like the others.

Along the way, you will be waiting for ancient castles, cute coastal towns, and delicious food on the coast of Andalusia.

6. Road trip to Andalusia from Malaga: Gorges, Rocks and Quaint Cities

Distance 196 km. 

Travel time without stopping is 5 hours one way with full stops- 10 hours.

This route is suitable for those who are not looking for easy ways. In one day, you will see the Torcal National Park, try local delicacies in the city of Antequera, go to the dolmens left by an ancient civilization, see the abyss of the El Chorro gorge and the Royal Path, the city of Setenil de las Bodegas, over which a rock hangs, and the city of Rondo, which soars over the abyss. 

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